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    Welcome to DVU! Firsts things first, if you are a guest you need to go ahead and join. It is free, will always be free, we are cool, and why don't you just go ahead and join thanks. Once you do that please read our RULES.

    Now to the below guide. DVU is very easy and straightforward to use but we all need help from time to time. Below you will find some helpful tips and tricks to using DVU.


    DVU has an extremely large library of similes in place. You will find a more detailed explanation below in the posting section. These are to be used within posts to help add reactions or context to a post. If you have an image you would like us to turn into a smiley please pm us and we will see what we can do.:leftshark:
    Pretty much any media will embed here easily as long as you copy and paste the url. Here are a few tips:
    -Youtube videos just copy and paste the url of the video and it will embed.
    -Tweets will do the same. Most articles will keep their original formatting (please credit the article source or post a link to the article).
    -Images are easy as well- just use [ img] picture url [/ img] with no spaces.
    -Spoilers are the same format and img but [ spolier] abcd1234 [/ spoiler]
    DVU has an advanced alert system which will notify you of a variety of occurrences such as your posts being quoted or liked, a new reply to one of your Watched Threads and much more. When you receive a new alert, a number will be displayed above "Alerts" in the navigation tab (top right of the page). Hover your mouse there to reveal your detail of the alerts. You can click on any alerts you have to be taken directly to the source of the alert. Click show all to see a history of your alerts, you can also access this by hovering your name and clicking Alerts. Click alert preferences to change which actions you receive alerts for.
    Avatars are the little pictures that appear next to your user name. They are important for users. I know personally I don't look at users names that often but rather recognize posters by their avatars. Adding or changing your avatar can be done by hovering over your name in the top right and clicking on Avatar. This will bring up the Avatar Editor, which will allow you to upload an image. Once you select an image you can drag the smaller thumbnail to your desired location. Currently, animated avatars will be converted to static images. This is to help reduce server load and keep DVU running along as quick as possible.
    Conversations are private messages that can be sent to other members. They are easily accessed by hovering over Conversations in the navigation menu (top right). This will display a list of recent conversations as well as links to Show All recent conversations and Start a New Conversation. Starting a conversation can also done by clicking on a members Avatar or name, which will bring up an overlay with several options. You can send conversations to up to 5 people at a time. As the conversation starter you also have options to allow others to invite other members or lock the conversation. You have a few other options once you open an existing conversation. "Leave Conversation" is basically like deleting your copy of the message, it will also offer you the opportunity to ignore further conversations from the other member in the conversation.
    Following other members provides a few benefits. You can access your following list by hovering over your name and clicking People You Follow. From here you can add new members to follow as well as unfollow members. You can also follow members by clicking their name or Avatar and clicking the Follow link. Following also allows you to customize your privacy (Privacy Help) options by restricting certain functions to only be available to people that you follow.
    Personal Details
    Your Personal Details can be accessed by hovering your name and clicking on the Personal Details link in the top right. On this page in additional to changing your avatar you can add a custom title, which will appear below your Avatar when you post messages. You can also change other details such as your date of birth, gender, Occupation, Home Page and even add a bio to your About section. As we mention in our rules- please be careful when sharing information about yourself as once it is out there it is out there forever.
    There are several ways to post messages on DVU. The first way is to scroll to the bottom of any thread and enter your message in the quick reply box.

    To respond to a post directly you can "quote" the post by clicking the Reply link below the message.

    To quote multiple posts, you can simply scroll to another post and click the reply button again. However, a quicker way to accomplish this is to use the multi-quote feature. This can be done by clicking the + Quote link on all the posts you'd wish to quote. Once you are ready to reply to these posts, scroll to the bottom and there should now be a "Insert Quotes" box below the editor box.

    Click Insert Quotes - A overlay will pop up. Here you are able to rearrange or remove the posts before inserting them into your reply.

    Another method of quoting a post(or Multi-Quoting it!) is to simply highlight text from a post. This will bring up an overlay that allows you to quote just the part of the message you have selected.

    That covers replying to threads with text. Now lets go over how to add other elements into your messages.

    To add a Smiley, click the happy face icon. This will display the DVU Smileys at the bottom of the editor. Also, note that there are different tabs of smileys.

    To add an image, simply click the icon to the right of the smile, it looks like a landscape. Then you can paste the URL of the image you are trying to post.

    We support a number of media sites you can use to embed video and other forms of media. To do so, click the filmstrip icon and then paste the link to your media.

    There are a few other things you can insert into your post by clicking the Insert icon, which is located to the right of the filmstrip. Here you can add spoilers, strike through text, code boxes and quote codes.

    There are some common features found in text editors, such as the ability to change font and color. They are pretty basic tools that you are likely familiar with.
    Thread Icons
    DVU has a nice selection of thread icons. These function similar to avatars and smilies. You can select a thread icons when creating a new thread by clicking the radio button immediately to the left of the desired thread icon. You may also change or add a thread icon to an existing thread by clicking the edit thread option above the OP. As with smilies if you have an image you would like to see as a thread icon please forward to us.
    Themes, also referred to as Skins or Styles throughout the board can easily be changed from any page by clicking on the link in the bottom left hand corner of your screen. The link will be the title of the current theme you're using and by default it will say "Clemson Flat". You can also change your theme in your preferences. Clicking this link will bring up the Style Chooser, which will display all of our available themes. All the themes are whats known as "responsive" and will resize DVU to fit your device's screen. Responsive themes are great for mobile. Some of them are more complete than others.
    Hover your name and click on Privacy to access your privacy settings. From here you can hide your online status and date of birth. You can specify who can access your information or contact you by selecting the drop down menus next to each option. You can also disable these options by unchecking the box. See our Following section to see how to follow members to Help define your privacy settings.

    During your time on DVU it's possible you will encounter a forum troll. DVU's culture does a great job of limiting these and we are also always trying to limit the number of active trolls.

    Before we begin, though, understand this: the best way to deal with a Troll is to ignore them entirely. They are not worth your time, however you may feel about their comments

    What is a Troll?

    ALL Trolls crave attention. That is the sole reason they exist - whether or not they want to feel that they have achieved something (even if it is destruction) or to be recognized for doing something deviant, they want just a little attention.

    The mentality of a Troll is obvious - he wants a cheap laugh, and that is all. The offense that may be caused is of no concern to him, as are any other ramifications of his actions.

    Trolls are a nuisance. They purposefully cause annoyance to other users, but their approach can, and does, vary. Some trolls are obvious, some are not. This section attempts to show you some of the different approaches that trolls take - to keep you, as a DVU member, prepared.

    Types of Trolls

    There's a few typical types of trolls. Some trolls can belong to more than one category or troll in their own unique way that is not covered by one of these conventional types.

    The Bored's: Many Trolls just want to be a nuisance. They're kids who aren't mature enough to have a sensible conversation. These Trolls fall under The Bored's category, but that does not necessarily mean that all Trolls are children. Many "mature" adults find enjoyment in Trolling groups.

    The Confrontationalists: Responses such as "You're an idiot. You can't even spell." is what the Troll is hoping for. This way, he can draw you into a prolonged argument about who is the bigger idiot. Sensible ways to respond (if you have to at all) are discussed below. Trolls who throw insults around are Confrontationalists and relish seeing any response that indicates the trolled is wound up, or aggravated by their Trolling.

    The Liars:
    As soon as you recognize a Liar, don't try to get him to prove his facts - it's impossible across a forum, and he knows this. You may like to try reasoning with him - try to draw him into a sensible conversation, without dropping to his level. But, ultimately, there can be only one way to deal with him: report & ignore him. Do not let yourself be seduced into having an argument over the validity of his "facts".

    The Controversials:
    Other Trolls will try to draw you into a futile argument by a variety of means, but usually by saying something controversial, or deliberately going against the grain. A Trolls message may be as simple as "Prove that God does not exist" that has been posted to a range of religious threads. A Troll is usually identifiable, as he will often refuse to take a stance on either side - at one time arguing that God exists, and another that He doesn't. These Trolls are Controversials.
    How to Deal With Trolls

    Ignore Them. Report Them. Put Them on Ignore

    While forum staff does not react to every report we receive, if a number of people are reporting the same person we're more likely to take action.

    Any other method of dealing with a troll simply validates their existence. Calling them a troll, or calling them stupid and trying to discredit them is exactly the response they are trying to evoke from members.

    Trolls revel in their threads lasting such a long time - the longer a thread is, the more legitimate users have been sucked into their little game.

    Who is NOT a Troll?

    Just because someone has said something you happen to not like, it does not mean that they are a Troll. They may just not like you, or you may have a difference of opinion. It happens! Deal with it.

    Other Random Thoughts

    • An "Internet troll" or "Forum Troll" or "Message Board Troll" is a person who posts outrageous message to bait people to answer. Forum Troll delights in causing disruption on forums. A troll is someone who inspires flaming rhetoric, someone who is purposely provoking and pulling people into arguments.
    • While sometimes, he may sound like a stupid, uninformed, ignorant poster, do not be deceived! Some trolls are highly intelligent people trying to hide behind a mask of stupidity and/or ignorance! They usually have an agenda.
    • When trolls are ignored they step up their attacks, desperately seeking the attention they crave. Their messages become more and more foul, and they post ever more of them. This is known as troll burnout. Some trolls will be successful when they first join a forum, but their act will fade overtime as users become less interested and tolerant of the troll. Since he is incapable of interacting like a normal forum user he will begin to spiral out of control before eventually being banned.
    • Perhaps the most difficult challenge for a webmaster is deciding whether to take steps against a troll that a few people find entertaining. Some trolls do have a creative spark and have chosen to squander it on being disruptive. There is a certain perverse pleasure in watching some of them. Ultimately, though, the webmaster has to decide if the troll actually cares about putting on a good show for the regular participants, or is simply playing to an audience of one -- himself.
    • Trolls will often claim they are being singled out or their right to free speech is being violated. Free speech does not apply to a private forum. Anyone is free to speak their mind, just not necessarily on DVU. If a troll feels he is being censored, he is still welcome to speak his mind on any other social media medium that will tolerate him therefore his claim to his free speech being violated is untrue.

    In Conclusion

    BE CALM - Don't rise to their antagonizing attitude.
    DON'T LOWER YOURSELF TO THEIR LEVEL - Don't start throwing insults at them. It's what they want.
    PAY A COMPLIMENT - It is the last thing they are expecting - and the opposite of what they want.
    ENCOURAGE THEM TO JOIN IN - Let them know they have valid points, and make their faults seem like yours.
    But, above all else, USE THE REPORT & IGNORE FEATURES - They are there for a reason, and they are your most powerful weapons.
    Watched Threads
    You can access your list of watched threads by clicking the link in the navigation bar. This page will display the 25 most recent threads that have unread messages that you have decided to watch. You can automatically watch threads anytime you post a new thread or reply by checking the setting in your preferences. You can also watch threads by clicking the link at the top of any thread. At the bottom left corner of your watched threads page you can Show all watched threads, which will bring up all of your watched threads and not just the ones that contain unread messages. In the All Watched Threads page you can manage your watched threads. Each thread will have a checkbox next to it to Help with bulk managing threads. The drop down menu at the bottom will allow you to unwatch all selected threads. The drop down menu can also allow you to unwatch ALL threads regardless if you selected any threads.
    Email Alerts
    Early on we had an issue with users getting a large amount of email alerts. We have since changed the default settings to fix this. However, if we are getting email alerts you need to go into your watched threads list and manage your email alerts there. Please PM us if you are having issues.

    Terms of Use - By using DVU and its affiliated sites you are agreeing to our Terms of Use. Please make yourself familiar with them.

    Privacy Policy
    - Likewise, be familiar with our privacy policy.
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