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    1. Try to keep it R rated or cleaner.
    We don’t want to ban anyone or delete any posts. However, this is not 4chan and we will, when necessary, take action as we see fit. We will outline specific rules in the items below but in general think of it like a bar- most things you would talk about and say in a bar will be allowed here. DVU is also only for use by users who are age 18 or older. Our goal is to not censor anyone so please don’t be the guy that goes and ruins it for everyone.

    2. Have thick skin.
    As stated in Rule #1 our goal is to not interfere with the board as much as possible. We believe that the board should self police. What does that mean? Well, if you are a crappy poster be prepared to not have much fun. If you see someone being a crappy poster please feel free to tell them how crappy they are. This is a free and open board and people are going to be mean. That's allowed. Don't come crying to a mod about someone being rude or mean to you. If you can't handle that please feel free to find another board. To the members who help police the board please do so within reason- don't be evil.

    3. Personal information - (Amended 8/25/15)
    Do not post any personal information of ANYONE- especially that of a DVUer. In addition, posting of any information that may tie a user to his real-world job or relationships is not allowed. Personal privacy is important to DVU and we will take this seriously. If your information has been posted without your consent please contact a mod or admin so we can address it. Please be careful posting your own info. Once it is out there it is out there forever.

    4. No pornography.
    Our official stance is we do not allow any pornography.

    5. No gore or other nasty stuff.
    Just please don’t. If you have to post something that is really gross please use spoilers and give users more than enough warning about what they will see.

    6. No illegal content.
    No posting links to or making posts containing illegal content such as copy-written materials, illegal activities, or other illicit materials. Using a spoiler tag is not an acceptable way to get around this rule.

    7. NSFW Content
    Again, our official stance is we do not allow pornography. BUT not all NSFW content is porn soooo. People browse this site at work and we don't want to get anyone fired. Please make sure that anything that you wouldn’t want the people around your screen seeing is clearly labeled as NSFW. The spoiler function is your friend. When is doubt mark it as NSFW.
    Addendum 7/17/15: To help make DVU safer for our work users we have decided to ban NSFW content from avatars.​

    8. Internet Acronyms and Lingo - Added 7/17/15

    Usage or stuff like F TW, FT L, LUL Z, GUIS E, and all variations and similar things are forbidden. OMG guis e deshaun f tw amirit e???! Don't do that.

    9. Privilege - Added 8/25/15
    Posting on DVU is considered a privilege. Please do not abuse it. Excessive and/or poor trolling will not be tolerated. We reserve the right to ban posters from threads, forums and/or the entire site without explanation.

    These rules are not all inclusive in a deliberate attempt to keep them simple. Everyone should also be familiar with and follow basic netiquette.


    -All rules apply to posts, private messages, profile comments, signatures, user titles, usernames, and general board behavior.
    -Report members, posts, and private messages that violate forum rules by contacting a moderator or administrator.
    -Do not quote posts that violate forum rules.
    -Treat administrators, and moderators with respect.
    -Moderator decisions and actions are not open to public discussion. Contact a moderator or an administrator privately to discuss these issues. Moderator disrespect will not be tolerated.

    Please be aware of the Terms of Use you accept by using this site as well as our Privacy Policy.

    DVU is a privately owned website. We reserve the right to modify these rules at any time.

    ‘preciate ya,
    DVU Staff
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